Maya UV mapping- How to Add Graphics Label, Logo, Decals, into 3D model

This is a timelapse 3D tutorial to show how to Add Graphics Label, Logo, Decals, into 3D Product Model. This is quick and simple tricks to add graphics using UV mapping from Photoshop to Autodesk Maya 3D. And, for beginner to understand how the UV mapping used for 3D models. About the UV map of cap, kindly note that this is a trick UV mapping method, not the typical UV mapping method. Hope this video helps. More free Maya Tutorial, Tips & Tricks are available here.

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2 thoughts on “Maya UV mapping- How to Add Graphics Label, Logo, Decals, into 3D model”

  1. Do you also know kind of a reverse method, for creating real decals for motorcycles (plotted vinyl), by drawing some geometric shapes on the 3D model of the motorcycle and then generate the vinyl? Idea is: let’s say I want to have a triangle which stretches on 2 plastic elements of the motorcycle, each of these plastic elements having its own 3D shape. If I cut out vinyl in form of a triangle and stick it, the shape of the motorcycle will distort the original triangle. So I want to “draw” on the 3D model and get the shape I have to cut out from vinyl…

    1. Might be saying, this way could be “Transfer Attribute For Projection”, which is good way to project a 2D flat mesh on to 3D shape of object

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