Maya vs 3ds Max vs Blender , 3D Software Compared

Maya vs 3ds Max vs  Blender

Maya is an Autodesk product, originally designed only for animation and texture. Additional functions for modeling were later added to the software. When setting keyframes and using curves, I usually prefer Maya’s toolset. 3Ds Max is also a product of AutoDesk, but it is more suitable for modeling, architecture design, engineering and construction. Although Max allows animation, it is best for materials and rendering because it allows easy access to material settings. Blender was developed by Foundation. It is an open source and 3D software that can create animations, visual effects, models, game assets, 3D backgrounds, etc.

Maya vs 3ds Max vs Blender

Maya, 3ds Max and Blender are all 3D design tools, but there are many differences between Maya, 3ds Max and Blender. All these software are not direct competitors, but they are used more or less for the same purpose with different functions.

Although these three tools are 3D design software, there are still many differences between them in terms of function and use.

1. The most basic difference between Maya, Max and Blender is that Maya and Max are products of AutoDesk, while Blender is a product of Blender Foundation.

2. Maya was originally a 3D animation and texture processing software, and later added modeling capabilities. Although Max is not mainly target to create animation, 3D modelers and designers prefer to use it to create objects, backgrounds, buildings, etc. Blender is also animation software, but large-scale production studios do not like to use 3D animation.

3. Compared with Max, Maya and Blender are difficult to handle and learn. Although all three are 3D design tools, Max is the easiest tool to learn. Both provide complex tools for each small task, and Max has fewer tools than the other two tools, but has more functions and is easy to master.

4. Maya and Max are far more popular than Blender. It has entered the market a long time ago, but Blender is relatively a new player. Large animation and film production studios prefer Maya and Max, while Blender is the choice of small startups looking for small animations and visual effects.

5. Maya can actually do anything, it can do modeling, texturing, assembly, lighting, and animation. But Max and Blender may not be able to complete them all. Max may be good at modeling, but he lags behind in animation. Blender may be good at animation, but if we talk about modeling and texturing, Blender may fall behind.

Maya vs Max vs Blender are all 3D design software . But each of them has its own specialties and functions. However, compared to the other two, Maya is more or less versatile. It can complete the tasks of Max and Blender. But it ultimately depends on the modeler, which tools he is willing to use and what results he expects.

Learn skills rather than software

  If you want to learn about 3D modeling or want to be an excellent modeler, my suggestion is to learn the 3D skills rather than learn 3D software. After you learn skills, you can apply the skills into any software you will choose. You can watch the video in this site, you can know the process and technique to create 3D assets, and to develop your 3D skills. After you know the 3D skills, you can apply the skills you learnt into all 3D software.  

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