Blender Cell Fracture Add on

Blender Cell Fracture Addon – Potato Chips Crumbs

This tutorial will show the Blender Cell Fracture Addon, which can make objects explodes in Blender. In this example, we use potato chips crumbles to make one mesh divided into multiple mesh, to make Potato Chips Crushed. In the video, we will know how to use Cell Fracture, and Rigid Body to explodes an object and breaks object without gravity.

Character modeling step by step

Blender 3D character modeling step by step

These are video for beginners, to understand how to make 3D characters in Blender, which is Blender 3D character modeling step by step. The video shows the basic 3D skills which is essential for beginners, the 3D skills are including 3D modeling, rigging, coloring and texturing. This example are absolute for beginners.