Support to cgian is a platform for sharing all about digital creation to Artist and Creator. Mission is to help people to interest, learn, enjoy, and have fun with 3D Computer Graphic. Lot of contents, digital assets and tutorials, are created by me and free to share here. I spend hours and hours every week to create assets and maintain this sharing in sparing time, hope one day I can do it for living. 

If you think that these sharings are benefit to you, feel free to give a support, to sponsor me or to purchase my assets. It would a great help to me to continues. 

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Place Advertisement, is one of the ways to support and maintain this website. This website now offers some space for placing advertisements. If you have anything that promote or share to CG Artist and Digital Creator, is a good platform for placing your ads, feel free to email me for further information. 

Finally, hope you like this website sharing, and get some benefit here. Enjoy your journey with 3D CGI!

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