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Blender Clay Render

How to make Clay Render in Blender

3D Rendering, Blender

Clay Render, or Grey Box Render is a 3D working process that can be done in 3D rendering software, for example Blender, Maya, 3ds Max. If you have seen the procedure of creating 3D rendering or animation, you might notice that the first step is to building 3D wireframe, and then adding the color, texture, material, shader into those 3D wireframe. After that, we need to create camera view, lighting effect, and scene to render an image.  

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maya vs blender

Maya vs 3ds Max vs Blender , 3D Software Compared

Blender, CG Article, Maya

Maya is an Autodesk product, originally designed only for animation and texture. Additional functions for modeling were later added to the software. When setting keyframes and using curves, I usually prefer Maya’s toolset. 3Ds Max is also a product of AutoDesk, but it is more suitable for modeling, architecture design, engineering and construction. Although Max allows animation, it is best for materials and rendering because it allows easy access to material settings. Blender was developed by Foundation.

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