How to use Array Modifier and separate array objects in Blender

Blender basics, tutorial video shows how to use Array Modifier and separate array objects in Blender. In this tutorial, we will go through how to add Array modifier into 3D object, cube. Then we can apply all modifiers at once by using Convert To Mesh. If we want to separate array objects into individual objects, we can use Separate by Loose Parts in Edit Mode. Therefore, we can have separated array objects. Steps will be shown visually in above video. Happy sharing and I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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How to use Array Modifier and separate array objects in Blender

How to use Array Modifier

1. Select an object
2. Go to Modifier Properties
3. Add Modifier
4. Go to Generate and choose Array
5. Then we can adjust the no. of count, object offset in Array Modifier for customize the  modifier settings

How to Separate Array Object

1. Select Object that added Array Modifier
2. Right Click on the object
3. Choose Convert to > Mesh
4. All modifiers are applied
5. Select object again and switch to Edit Mode
6. In Mesh, choose Separate > by Loose Parts
7. Then, all array objects are separated

Alternative, all these steps are shown in above Blender tutorial , watch above.

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