How to change background colour of photo using Photoshop

In this Photoshop tutorial video, we will go through how to change background colour of a photo using Photoshop. In the first step, we can use Contextual Task bar to make selection of background area in quick, then we can use adjustment layer with mask to change background color like as changing from yellow to pink, and then, we can also change color background to white. All steps will be shown in this tutorial video. Happy sharing and I hope this helps. More Adobe Photoshop Tutorial are available here.

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How to change background colour of photo using Photoshop

We can follow below steps to  change background colour of photo using Photoshop.

1. Open image in Photoshop
2. Go to Window, and show contextual task bar 
3. Make selection by using “select subject” with one click
4. We can have options to refine the selection
5. Invert selection to make selection to background area
6. Click to add adjustment layer, like as Hue and Saturation
7. We can adjust value of Hue to change the color, also we can adjust the values of Saturation and Lightness.

Furthermore, we will also show how to change background color to white using Photoshop, we can watch the steps in above tutorial video, watch there.

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