Best Blender YouTube Channels in 2024

Here are the collection of Best Blender YouTube Channels. Whoever you are beginners or experts of 3D creation, updating and upgrading your knowledge and skill are the most important thing to advanced yourself in the CG industry. Below collection shows free Blender tutorials on YouTube, which video are teaching 3D modeling, 3D rendering, animation, motion effects, and more than this. Don’t hesitate to subscribe their channels for keeping updates how Blender helps us to create 3D CG for creative industry.

Best Blender YouTube Channels in 2024

1. Blender

This is official YouTube channel from Blender. We can get latest updates from this channel officially. Like as below video, it is showing the latest version of Blender 4.1, therefore we can know what new features up-to-date.

2. Ducky 3D

If you are looking for creating CG animation and apply stunning effects, you shouldn’t’ miss Ducky 3D channels. In addition to 3D animation tutorial, we can learn how to make motion graphics using Blender.

3. Blender Guru

If you are Blender user, I don’t think that you don’t know Blender Guru. Andrew Price share his Blender tutorials on YouTube more that 10 years. The well-known tutorial series Donut are really suitable for every beginners. It covers the topic including 3d Modeling, Texture, Sculpturing, Rendering, Animation and more. Now, Donut Tutorial is updated for Blender 4.

4. Grant Abbitt

If you want to make 3D character using Blender, Grant Abbitt can give you a big help. In his channel, he share the quick way to create different types of character, and including how we can sculpture a 3D model like as below video.

5. Ryan King Art

Besides the way for creating 3D modeling and animation, Ryan share a lot of tutorial video how we can create material and texture using Procedural Shader Node in Blender.

6. Derek Elliott

If you are looking for how to make commercial product CG using Blender, I think Derek ‘s tips can benefit to you. He is showing Product Rendering and Product Design using Blender.

7. Polyfjord

High End creation from Polyfjord. He is showing how we can make realistic animation with rigging and motion. I like his motion design and sound effects in his video.

8. Smeaf

In addition to create 3D in Blender. If you want to use Blender for living, Smeaf can give you a good tips. In below video, he shows you how to make money using Blender 3D assets.

9. InspirationTuts

InspirationTuts is a channel covering Blender, and also covering how we can use Blender with other application, like as below video for render engine.

10. ChuckCG

ChuckCG sharings are covering the large scale3D model using Blender. He is talking about how we can make buildings, architectures, landscapes, and more. Below video is a good example.

11. Pierrick Picaut

If you 3D project has lot of motion design, Pierrick Picaut share lot of tips how we can make the motion quickly in Blender.

12. Blender Secrets

From blender beginners to advanced users, this YouTube Channel, Blender Secrets, are going through many features in Blender. We ca learn many tools in Blender for creating 3D CG.

13. SouthernShotty

Lot of 3D character and rigging tutorials from SouthernShotty. I believe you need this workflow for making animation. It’s interesting!

Maybe there are other good Blender tutorial channels missing, kindly leave them at below comment for the amazing channel you think. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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