How to Link Materials in Blender

Links Material in a feature to assign materials to all selected objects at once in Blender. After adding a material into an object, and if we add other objects that we want to have the same material as the first objects. We can use Link Material to apply material to all selected objects. In this tutorial video, we will show the steps to use Link Materials with shortcut. If Link Material not working in your situation, try the steps in above Blender tutorial video, watch above. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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How to link materials in Blender

Steps for using Link Materials to apply material to multiple objects in Blender,

1. Add a material into one Object
2. Then Select other objects with multiple selection, and multiple select the object with specific material lastly
3. Press Shortcut Ctrl + L , or we can go to Object > Link/Transfer Data
4. Choose Link Materials

Then, the specific material will be applied into all selected objects. Steps are visually shown in above YouTube Tutorial Video, Watch above.

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