Blender How to change units to cm, mm, feet, inches

Blender Tutorial Video to Change Units

For creating 3D scene for different purpose, like as Architecture Building or Consumer Product Projects, we may need different scale for dimensions or units. The default units setting in Blender in Length is Meters. We can change the units from m to cm, mm if using Metric Unit System ; or we can change to feet or inches if using Imperial Unit System. This video will go through the steps to change units for your purposed, steps are easy to follow for Blender beginners. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

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Blender How to change units to cm, mm, feet, inches

We can follow below steps to change units in Blender

1. Go to Scene in Properties Panel
2. Expand Units Menu
3. In Units System, We can choose Metric or Imperial
4. Then go to Length, we can change m to cm or mm if using metric ; change feet to inches if using imperial. 

Steps will be shown in the tutorial video visually, I hope this helps. Feel free to watch above.

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