How to import Blender models with materials and textures to Unity

If the material is missing or texture is missing when import Blender file into Unity, we can go through these steps. In this tutorial, we will go through how we can import a 3D house .blend file into Unity. It is straightforward that we can import .blend file into Unity directly. But if material or texture are missing, we can follow the below steps. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

How to import Blender models with materials and textures to Unity

Importing Blender models with materials and textures into Unity involves a few steps. Let’s walk through the process:

Prepare 3D model with material texture in Blender

1. Create 3D model or import 3D model into Blender
2. Add material, Principled BSDF shader is preferred
3. If we have texture, we can use image texture node to link the image file, and connect to base color of Principled BSDF node.
4. Save Blender file

Import Blender File into In Unity

5. Go to the Project Tab. And Right Click the Assets folder, Choose Import New Assets…
6. Choose blender file . blend and import
7. In Assets folder, we can click and drag into 3D scene in Unity.
8. If we need further Blender file, we can double click the object or material in Assets folder, then Blender is open and we can edit the Blender file.

Here are steps how we can import Blender 3D file with material and texture into Unity. Below is the video go through the steps visually, hope this helps.

Watch here,

Intro – Blender to Unity
0:10 Prepare 3D model in Blender
0:36 Open Unity with Project
0:59 Import new asset into Unity
1:43 Edit Blender File linked to Unity
3:01 Add Principled BSDF shader into Material for Unity
4:11 Add 3D object with material and image texture

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