How to draw a dotted line in After Effects 2024

Tutorial to show how to draw a dotted line in After Effects. In this video, we will go through how to draw a line with using Pen Tool , with shortcut G. We can change the style of the line, like as color fill, color of line, width of line, etc. If we want to make the line to be dotted line, we can go to layer, and set the stroke with adding dashes. Steps will be showed below and in the video visually. I hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

How to draw a dotted line in After Effects 2024

To make a dotted line in After Effects, we can follow the below steps.

1. Draw the Line
Select the Pen Tool and click the composition by left-clicking where you want the start and end points of your line to be.

2. Adjust Fill,  Stroke Color , and Width of Line
Customize the appearance of your line by adjusting the Fill, Stroke Color and Width.

3. Create Dashes
In the Stroke options, click the plus sign next to the Dashes option. This will create dashes in your line.

4. Add Gap Option
Click the plus sign again to add the Gap option to your effect controls.

5. Round Cap of Dotted line
In Properties Panel, we can have option to change appearance of dotted line.

Furthermore, below quick video shows how to make dotted line step by step visually,
watch here,

Intro – Make Dotted Line in AE
0:14 Draw Line using Pen Tool with shortcut G
0:33 Change Line Width, Color, Fill Style
0:52 Make Dotted Line
1:01 Change setting of Dashes in Stroke

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
Have fun with CG, let’s create!

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