How to add HDRI in Blender

To make 3D render photorealistic, we can add HDRI as environment background to the World in Blender. In this tutorial video, we will go through how to add HDRI in Blender, then we can show HDRI in viewport for preview the render effect, and then rotate environment HDRI to make adjustment. Steps to add HDRI environment texture are easy to follow for Blender beginners. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

How to add HDRI in Blender

To Add an HDRI (High Dynamic Range Imaging) environment map in Blender, we can significantly enhance the lighting and realism of 3D scenes. We can follow below steps to setup HDRI image as environment in Blender,

1. Create or open 3D scene in Blender.
2. Switch Viewport Shading to Material.
3. Switch one of viewport to Shader Editor. And switch from Object to World tab in the Properties panel.
4. Add a new shader node by clicking the “Add” button and selecting “Environment Texture”.
5. Connect the Environment Texture node to the “Surface” output of the World shader.
6. Click the “Open” button in Environment Texture node, and connect to HDRI image file in file folder.
7. Then the 3D scene will now be illuminated by the HDRI environment map, which can provide realistic lighting and reflections.

Remind that we can adjust the strength, rotation, and other settings as needed to achieve the desired effect. The steps will go through in this YouTube Tutorial visually. Watch here,

Intro – Blender add HDRI environment tutorial
0:29 Set View Angle in viewport
0:42 Go to World in Shader Editor
0:56 Add Environment Texture Node
1:18 Link to HDRI Image externally
1:30 Show HDRI in viewport
1:42 Rotate HDRI
1:54 Add Shadow under object in HDRI lighting
2:12 Set Cycles as renderer

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