Blender turntable tutorial for 360 rotation animation

Blender turntable tutorial show how to make 360 animation using free addon turnaround camera in Blender. In this video, we will use Blender Addon Turnaround Camera to set camera moving around an object. This is a quick and simple way to make Turntable Animation in Blender. Steps are easy to follow for Blender beginners. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

Blender turntable tutorial for 360 rotation animation

Below are the steps how we can make turntable animation with using Blender addon,

1. Obtain a 3D object in the scene
2. Activate addon Turnaround Camera
3. Add Camera and set camera
4. Select 3D object and see turnaround animation.

We can go through the step by step visually in YouTube Tutorial Video,
Watch Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube at below,

Blender turntable tutorial for 360 rotation animation

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Intro – Blender turntable tutorial
0:18 Activate Blender Addon Turnaround Camera
0:44 Apply Rotation for 3D object
1:03 add Camera and Align active camera to view
1:30 Select 3D object, and set turnaround animation
1:45 Set Interpolation Mode to Linear

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