Blender make camera follow object

Tutorial video shows how to make camera follow object in Blender. In Blender, we can attach camera to object and we can make camera tract to object, the steps for setting up the camera movement are straightforward. We can find the steps as below shown and we can find YouTube Tutorial Video in my channel. I hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

Blender make camera follow object

To attach camera to object in Blender

1. After adding object and camera into 3D scene, select camera,
2. Go to Object Properties of camera,
3. In Relations, set the Parent to the object that we want the camera following to,
4. Then, move the object, the camera will be following the object movement.

To make camera track to object

1. After adding object and camera, select camera,
2. Go to Object Constraint Properties, and add constraint to camera,
3. Select Track to,
4. In the Target, we can set the Object that the camera will track to,
5. Move the object, the camera will track to object, and always point to object.

Furthermore, we see all the steps in this YouTube tutorial video visually, watch here,

Intro – How to Add, Move, Rotate, Scale Image Texture in Blender
0:10 Previous project 2D Floor Plan to 3D
0:21 Select a plane or object
0:35 Add Material
0:45 Add Image Texture
0:56 Show texture in viewport
1:18 Switch to Shader Editor
1:38 Add Mapping Node and Texture Coordinate Node
2:07 UV Editing
2:28 Move, Rotate, Scale UV for texturing
3:01 Adjust Location, Rotation, Scale in Mapping Node

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