After Effects How to extract audio from video, mp4 to mp3 converter

After Effects tutorial shows how to extract audio from a video. We can use After Effects as a mp4 to mp3 converter. After importing mp4 video format in After Effects, we can have option to export the footage with Audio only, therefore, we can choose audio file format like as mp3, wav, when extracting audio from After Effects. Below shows the steps how we can convert mp4 to mp3 in After Effects without plugin. I hope this helps. More After Effects Tutorials here

After Effects How to extract audio from video, mp4 to mp3 converter

We can follow the below steps to extract audio from video such as converting mp4 to mp3.

1. Open After Effects,
2. Import a video  into After Effects Project,
3. Create a composition and import this video into composition,
4. Go to Composition, and choose Add to Render Queue,
5. In Output Module settings, we can choose mp3 as format,
6. Choose a location where we want to save to,
7. Click Render, then only audio will be rendered.

Furthermore, we can cut video, edit audio levels, before extracting audio from video. All steps show in this AE tutorial video on YouTube visually, watch here,


Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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