After Effects How to freeze frame and then continue

After Effects tutorial shows how to freeze frame, hold last frame, and free frame then continue for a video. In this video, we will use a 3D animation for demonstration, shows how we can freeze frame at the middle of video, and also show how we can freeze frame and continue the video. Steps are easy to follow in the video, I hope this helps.  More After Effects Tutorials here

After Effects How to freeze frame and then continue

Freeze-frame technique allows us to highlight a specific moment in video. To create a freeze frame in Adobe After Effects, we can follow these steps:

1. Create a New Composition:

– Open After Effects, and choose to create a new composition or open an existing project.
– We can either drag and drop to video into the composition or use “New Composition from Footage” to import the video that we want to edit.

2. Add Video to the Timeline:

Drag video down to the timeline so that we can edit it.

3. Select the Frame to Freeze:

– Above the video timeline, we’ll see a current time indicator, and move the indicator to the frame we want to freeze.

4. Freeze the Frame:

– Right-click on the new layer.
– Go to Time > Freeze Frame.
– The  selected frame will now be frozen.

If you want to know how to freeze last frame or freeze frame then continue video, please follow the steps at below video.
And, watch here,

Intro – After Effects Freeze Frame, and Stop and Go
0:10 Import Footage Video into Composition
0:32 Freeze Frame in AE
0:59 Hold and stop on Last Frame
1:18 After Effects Stop and Go setting

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
Have fun with CG, let’s create!

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