After Effects export frame as PNG with alpha and PSD layers

If After Effects save frame as not working, or can save frame as only PSD file format, we can follow this tutorial to save single frame to other image file format like as PNG with transparent background. In this After Effects tutorial. We will shows the steps to reset the default setting for exporting single frame exporting. If we want to export PNG file, we can go to Output Module and set PNG sequence, Also, we can export PNG with alpha for transparent background image. Furthermore, we can save the still frame as a Photoshop PSD layers. The steps will be show in this After Effects tutorial on YouTube. I hope this helps.  More After Effects Tutorials here

After Effects export frame as PNG with alpha and PSD layers

To export a single frame as a PSD layers from After Effects, we can follow these steps,

1. Select the Frame we want to export, go to timeline of the composition, move the Current Time Indicator to the specific frame that we will export.

2. Go to Composition > Save Frame As > File

3. Specific the location where we want to PSD save to.

4. Adjust any settings as needed.

5. Specify File Name and Location, in the Render Queue panel, set the file name and location where we want to save the frame to.

To export a single frame as PNG with transparent background from After Effects,

In After Effects 2023, 2024, the default setting of “ Save Frame As” are set to PSD only, if we want to export other file format like as PNG, we can go to Edit > Templates > Output Module, and then set the Output Module format to PNG sequence, the Output Channel set to RGB + Alpha, then After Effects will export the selected frame as a PNG image with transparent background.

Steps for exporting a single frame as PNG with transparent background in After Effects will be showed in this YouTube Tutorial visually.
Watch here,

Intro – After Effects Export Single Frame
0:10 Move Current Time Indication to the Frame that we export
0:26 Export Single Frame as PSD
0:54 Set Output Module Templates
1:12 Set PNG sequence in Format
1:18 Set RGB + Alpha in Channel
1:32 Set Frame Default
1:55 Save Frame as PNG
2:00 Render PNG file format
2:29 Output Photoshop PSD layers

Hope this helps. Watch More After Effects Tutorial in this YouTube Video Playlist
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