CAD to Blender 3D using FreeCAD

If we have CAD file received , but Blender cannot support, we can use another 3D software to convert file format for import Blender. One of the free software is FreeCAD, we can download and install for free. After installing, we can import CAD file format, like as stp, iges, into FreeCAD, then export the 3D file to other file format, like as fbx, obj, stl, gltf, then import to Blender 3D software. In this video, we will go through how we can convert the 3D file format using FreeCAD and import the 3D model into Blender. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

CAD to Blender 3D using FreeCAD

STP to Blender , this is my steps,

1. Open FreeCAD and create new document
2. Go to File and Import, select the STP or STEP file
3. Select the part we want to export or select all the parts
4. Go to File and Export
5. Select the file format to export , I will use glTF in my case
6. After exporting 3D file format, we can switch to Blender
7. In Blender, go to File > Import, and choose the file that export from FreeCAD.

Here is a tutorial video go through step by step visually, I hope this helps.
Watch Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube at below,

Intro – stp to Blender
0:12 FreeCAD Download and Install
0:24 Open FreeCAD new document
0:40 Import stp into FreeCAD
0:52 Export 3D model to glTF file
1:08 Import glTF file into Blender

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