How to change camera aspect ratio and view size in Blender

Blender tutorial shows how to change camera view size and camera aspect ratio. In Blender for 3D render image and animation, we can change the output settings to adjust the camera view size and camera aspect ratio. When we change the resolution in output properties, the highlighted camera can be changed with frame size. We can enter customized resolution to get the 16:9 aspect ratio or others like as 1:1 square, and 9:16 vertical for social media platform. Steps in this tutorial video for changing camera frame view size are easy to follow for Blender beginners. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

How to change camera aspect ratio and view size in Blender

1. Select a camera , and set Active object as Camera,
2. Go to Output Properties,
3. In Resolution, we can customize the view size and aspect ratio.

Watch Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube at below,

Intro – How to change aspect ratio
0:13 Set Camera for render view
0:27 Output Properties
0:35 Presets for Output
0:52 Change Camera Aspect Ratio to 16:9 ; 1:1 : 9:16

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