Blender Rotate view around Object

In this tutorial video, we will go through how to rotate view around object with adding object constraints “Follow path” and “Track To” in Blender, therefore we can set a turntable animation for an object. After adding a curve, Bezier Circle, we can set object constraint to camera using Follow Path with Bezier Circle, Then the camera can be move along the path. Then we can set “Track to” object constraint into camera, therefore, the camera view will be always pointing to the object. This tutorial video will go through how to make camera around object step by step. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.

Blender Rotate view around Object

Watch Blender Tutorial Video on YouTube at below,

Intro – How to move camera around an object
0:13 Add Bezier Circle as Path
0:25 Set Parent with Object
0:39 Set Camera and add Follow Path Object Constraint
1:13 Add Object Constraint Track To
1:35 Set animation with adding keyframe
2:20 Set Active Object as Camera
2:40 Adjust Camera View Angle
3:06 Quick setting for move camera around another object

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