Minecraft Sword 3D model using Blender, free download

Blender tutorial video to show how to make Minecraft Sword 3D model. This is a basic 3D modeling timelapse video to go through how we can make Minecraft 3D model with Blender. Blender is a free download and open source 3D model allows us to make digital 3D assets. We can know how to download and install this 3D software in this link. And, more Blender tutorials are available here. Hope this helps.

* Free Download with time limited
Download Minecraft Sword 2D Image Texture for education or personal uses only.
Download Minecraft Sword 3D model done in the video.

Minecraft Sword 3D modeling using Blender

1. Add Object > Mesh > Plane
2. Add Material to Plane
3. Principled BSDF node is then added. And connect base color to image texture node.
4. Link image texture node to this Minecraft 2D Texture Image
5. Switch to Material Preview in viewport
6. Switch to Edit Mode
7. Subdivide the face, we can increase the number of cut to 15
8. Delete the unnecessary faces
9. Select all the faces
10. Extrude the faces

Here is the quick video, please watch,

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Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial are available here.
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