3D VR AR Space App for 3D Model and Render Showcase in Metaverse

Here is to share a way to show our 3D CG work at online space in metaverse. This is VR Space App that provided by Spatial.io, which is developed as Metaverse. This VR Space App can be used with mobile device or can be used through online website via internet browser. After registering and login, we can create a VR space. In VR space, we can upload image with descriptions and input link that direct to your website or video. If we make our own 3D model, we can upload into this VR space. In my space, I tried to upload a 3D Sphere with Animation, that is made with Blender, and then placed in the middle of showcase room. Join the metaverse, please visit my 3D space here, artist b’s 3D space at spatial.io . Have a look how it can benefit to our 3D CG creative work. Moreover, this is a VR space to invite your friend to join a event digitally.

Hope your enjoy the VR journey. Let’s create!

Below is the demonstration video what Blender 3D assets bring in Metaverse.

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Have fun with CG. Let’s create!
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