Illustrator to After Effects Workflow | Adobe Tutorial

Here is Adobe Tutorial to shows Illustrator to After Effects Workflow. This is a video tutorial showing how we can import Illustrator layer file into After Effects 2023. In the beginning of video, we open an *.ai file in Illustrator, and separate object into layers for importing After Effects. And then we can import this new file into After Effects. There few options to importing AI file. Finally, we can see how to edit Illustrator layer in After Effects, by converting the AI layers into editable layer. Steps are easy to follow for beginners, hope this helps.

Illustrator to After Effects Workflow | Adobe Tutorial

Watch on YouTube,

0:00 Intro – Illustrator to After Effects 2023
0:12 Open AI file in Adobe Illustrator
0:33 Separate layers in Illustrator for After Effects
1:48 Save Illustrator File Setting
2:15 Import Illustrator layers into After Effects
4:18 Convert Illustrator Layer into Editable Vector
4:30 Edit Illustrator layers in After Effects

Hope this helps. More After Effects Tips And Tutorial Here.
Have fun with CG, let’s create.

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