How to install Blender

Blender is a free and open resource to make 3D Computer Graphics with Windows, Mac, Linux. We can make 3D model, rendering image, animation, or export the 3D assets to other applications like as 3D printing, game engine, AR VR environment. Blender is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux. I installed Blender with Windows 10, and MacOS. Below is showing how we can install Blender in Windows and Mac. I believe that it also works for Windows 11. We can follow below steps to install Blender on our Operation System. Hope this helps.

How to install Blender in Windows 10

1. Check your workstation specification

Check your system specification if this is match the Blender Requirements. If Windows Users, we can check the Windows version, and Hardware requirements like as CPU and GPU. Please go this link to see Blender Requirements, to get the updates.

2. Download the installer

We can free download the Blender installer on official website through this link.

Download Blender Installer

3. Start to install

After downloading the installer. Double click to open Blender Setup. I am using Windows 10 and have screenshot as below. We can follow the step instruction to finish the installation.

Start to install Blender in Windows

4. Blender Installed

After processing the installation of Blender, we can get the Completed Message in Blender Setup Window. Now we can find the shortcut of Blender on desktop, we can start to create 3D assets using Blender now!

Completed Blender Installation in Windows 10

How to install Blender in Mac

1. Check your MacOS system requirements

Check your Mac OS version , I am installing Blender 3.6.3 LTS , it is supported with MacOS 11.15 Intel or 11.0 Apple Silicon. Please check official system requirement here if you have other version of Blender.

2. Download Blender

We can be Free Download the Blender Installer for Mac on official website at this link.

3. Start to install

Double click to open Blender installer, we can click and drag Blender into Application Folder.

Click and Drag to install Blender

4. Open Blender

After copying Blender into Application Folder, we can find and open Blender. 

Installed Blender on Mac OS

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Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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