Blender layout tutorial to add workspace window and reset to default

Blender Layout Tutorial for beginners, this video will show how to add workspace window and reset layout. In the beginning of this tutorial, we start from Blender default workspace and layout. Then we can add workspace window, split viewport, resize the layout, swap the areas and join the areas. Also, we can add and duplicate the workspace ,and save workspace layout as Blender default. But if the workspace layout was messed up, we can reset layout. Steps in this tutorial are easy to follow, hope this helps.  

Blender layout tutorial to add workspace window and reset to default

Watch YouTube Tutorial Video,

Blender Layout Tutorial
0:15 Default Workspace in Blender
0:41 Add Workspace Window in Layout
1:01 Split Viewport
1:15 Resize Layout
1:38 Change Editor Type
1:54 Add, Swap, Join areas
2:29 Add and Duplicate Workspace
2:49 Blender save workspace layout as default
3:02 Reset Layout in Blender

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