Blender Tree Generator, Sapling Tree Gen

This is tutorial to show how to use Blender Tree Generator, Sapling Tree Gen, to generate Tree 3D model for free, It allows us to make a tree animation in quick. This is free Blender addon embedded, we can one click to generate a tree 3D model, and then we can make the custom tree shape and custom leaves shapes. There are many presets to define the shape tree 3D model, this video will go through how we can use them. After that, we can add material and texture into tree 3D model. Finally, we can put it into a scene to render and visualize it. Steps are good for any Blender Beginners, hope this helps.

Blender Tree Generator, Sapling Tree Gen

Watch YouTube Video here,

0:00 Intro – Blender Free Addon for Tree Generator
0:10 Start from a scene with Grass
0:33 Activate Blender Tree Addon
0:54 Add Tree using Sapling Tree Gen
1:54 Presets of trees
2:25 Options for changing shape of tree
3:11 Add Leaves
3:57 Apply Animation
4:32 Add Material and Texture
7:12 Final scene with Tree and Grass

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Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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