How to make Gradient Texture Material in Blender

This tutorial will go through how to make Gradient Texture Material in Blender. Below video will show how to add gradient texture node with color ramp node, and with mix RGB node to make a porcelain or ceramic material in Shader Edit. This material setting is used Procedural Texture Node only. There are 2 types of gradient texture shader setup, one is simple color gradient, another type is gradient texture painting. Steps are easy to follow for both beginners and advanced users. Hope this helps.

How to make Gradient Texture Material in Blender

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0:00 Intro – Blender Gradient Texture Material
0:29 Add New Material in Shader Editor
1:02 Add Gradient Texture Node
1:35 Change Gradient Texture Direction
3:17 Add Texture for Ceramic and Porcelain
4:12 Gradient Texture Painting
5:10 2 types of Gradient Texture Material

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