Blender Apply Scale

Quick tips to apply scale in Blender. After scaling an 3D object, the value of scale will be changed, if we want to reset to 1, we can apply scale with shortcut Ctrl A. Below shows the steps how we can apply scale in Blender. Hope this helps.

Blender Apply Scale with Shortcut

1. Firstly in the example, we scale the object, default cube first.

2. We can open the Transform Panel at the right side of viewport.

3. And then, we can click the icon Scale or using Shortcut S to scale.

4. Then, we can scale the cube other shape by using Scale Gizmo in the middle, or we can adjust the scale value in Transform Panel.

5. To apply Scale, we can go to Object > Apply > Scale, or we can use Shortcut Ctrl A to get the same menu.

6. After applying scale, we can see that the scale of object is reset to 1.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.

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