How to make a 3d model in Blender for beginners

Different 3D models have different ways to be made. In Blender, there are lots of tools and features to make one 3D model. Here are some examples that show how to make a 3d model in blender for beginners. Most of them are simple and easy to follow, whoever we just start to learn 3D software. Hope this sharing can give a helps.

How to make a 3d model in Blender for beginners

1. Character 3D modeling

3D Character modeling can allow us to create 3D animation in next step. Here is the video to show how to make a simple character shape by using default cube. This modeling concept can be extended , and applied to other character 3D modeling. Watch this video to understand how we can make 3D character 3D model.

Blender Character Modeling for Beginners

2. Product / Props 3D modeling

This is very basic 3D modeling video to show how to make 3D wine glass from a cylinder. The logic to make this kind 3D model is using reference image and extrude the faces that following the profile. Watch here,

How to make a wine glass 3D model in Blender

3. Architecture Building 3D modeling

Blender addon can help to make 3D model by using their settings. Here is an example that we can use free Blender addon to make a simple house. Have a look at this tutorial video. Watch here,

Blender How to model a house, architecture addon Archimesh

4. Landscape 3D modeling

If you are looking for making 3D virtual environment, Blender is one of best solution to make Landscape 3D modeling in quick. There is another free addon to generate Landscape 3D modeling in quick. Have a look if you are interested in making large scale 3D scene.

How to make Realistic Landscape Terrain with free Blender addon

Here is just listing out some examples how we can make 3D model in Blender. Actually, there are lot of other type of 3D model. Please go to this link of this website to find out more 3D modeling tutorial. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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