How to make a cloud in Blender

Quick tutorial video to show how to make a cloud in Blender. This cloud is based on a shape of 3D object, and add Cloud texture, Volume Scatter, Procedural Noise Texture Node are applied to visualize it like as a cloud. we can see the way to add cloud texture into mesh 3D model. And then, we can applied procedural texture into mesh with adding volume scatter with procedural noise texture, without using add and generator. This method allows us to make Procedural clouds sky.  Hope this helps.

How to make a cloud in Blender without addon and generator

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0:00 Intro – How to make a Cloud in Blender
0:12 Basic Cloud 3D model
1:06 Apply Displace Modifier with Cloud Texture
1:44 Render Preview with Cycles Renderer with Sky Texture
3:28 Cloud Procedural Texture Node

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