Blender Newsletter – animation and tutorial video updates

Here is the updates all about Blender, which is including the latest stunning animation created using Blender and tutorial video for teaching the skill how to use Blender. Those video are getting Blender users inspired and insights, and get benefits for watching them. Don’t miss them, go though the collection below. This collection will be updated time by time. If you are interested into getting this Blender Newsletter, please bookmark this page, and keep connected!

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Blender Newsletter – animation and tutorial video updates

Last updated on 7 June, 2023

Digital Sculpting is Magic! Modeling D.Va (Overwatch) in Blender

20 May 2023 – Awesome Sculpting Video for Blender. YanSculpts shows how to sculpture a young beautiful girl in Sculpt Mode with pen. Must watch if you like to make character 3D modeling.

The Simpsons in Blender

20 May 2023 – Very nice creation for the assets with stylized 3D shading. Youtuber veryveig will go through how we can make this kind of 3D assets.

I animated this in 18 days… in Blender

14 May 2023 – Nice CG workflow to show how to make this animation from tinynocky. The explanation are very clear, it is suitable for every artist for advancing the 3D CG skill.

This Video Took 30 Days to Create With Blender

22 Apr 2023 – Awesome video, showcase the feature of Blender. This CG production is made with very high quality by Famous Youtuber Polyfjord. Don’t miss this. Enjoy!

Free tools EVERY BLENDER Artist Should Be Using

4 May, 2023 – Atti shows some free tools and resource, that can aid for us to make 3D creation in Blender. This is helpful!

LEGO Blender Animation Compilation 4

Apr 29, 2023 – Stunning animation using Blender and Addon, created by Bricksane. Interesting series that lot of Blender animation in this channel.

Free Blender Addons that even the PROs USE!

Apr 20, 2023 – Nice video to shows 30+ Blender addons which in free. May find one addons that is benefit to your recent work.

How to make a realistic pool in Blender (60 seconds)

Apr 12, 2023 – Blender artist should know Blender Guru’s donut tutorial. Here is another tutorial to make realistic pool with Blender within 60 seconds, well explained and clear steps for doing this 3D visual.

Turn Anything into a Knitting Animation With Blender Geo Nodes

Apr 8, 2023 – Amazing Blender Tutorial to tell us how to make everything into knitting or threading. Creative workflow and very interesting visual effect!

Faces are EASY with this trick – Blender tutorial

Apr 7, 2023 – If you are interesting to make 3D character, you must watch it. It is a good trick to make any 3D face with good topology. It is really helpful.

Easy Camera Projection in Blender 3d: Full VFX Tutorial

Apr 4, 2023 – Very good 3D VFX tutorial created by LightArchitect, the video is showing us how to set the camera proejction with using painting or photo, it makes amazing visual effects.

The Power of LIGHTING in Blender!

Mar 31, 2023 – Every 3D artist would know that the lighting would make different the looking to your 3D scene. Kaizen Tutorial give a helpful suggestion how we should apply the light in Blender.

How to Make Procedural Fur in Blender 3.5

Mar 29, 2023 – The new procedural hair grooming system in Blender 3.5. In this a quick tuotrial created by offical Blender Studio. Don’t miss this new feature if you want to make better hair, fur, and so on.

AI Is Getting Out of Control in Blender | ControlNet

Mar 8, 2023 – Hot topic to use A.I for making our creative work. Here is a video talking about how A.I works with Blender. You may need it in near future.

The BEST Way To Learn Blender in 2023!!

Jan 6, 2023 – Ducky 3D, who has lot of Blender tutorial on YouTube, share a guide for learning Blender. This guide is suitable for all Blender beginners and experts.

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