Blender How to view wireframe mode

Blender Basics, this is showing how we can view wireframe mode in Blender by switching viewport shading mode with shortcut or we can switch on Wireframe in viewport overlays. The default Viewport Shading is in solid mode, like as the sphere in below screenshot.

Blender Viewport Solid Shading Mode

Blender How to view wireframe mode

If we want to view wireframe, there are 3 ways.

1. The first way is switching to wireframe mode. We can click the Wireframe icon on the top right corner, or we can use shortcut Shift Z to switch to wireframe mode.

Blender View Wireframe using Shortcut

2. The second way is to press Shortcut Z to open the viewport menu, and then we can select Wireframe or press 4 to switch to wireframe mode.

Viewport Shade Mode – Shortcut Z

3. The third way to switch on the wireframe in solid shading mode. Open the viewport overlays drop down menu. And then check the box next to Wireframe.

Blender Solid Shading with Wireframe

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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