How to Recolor Vectors Online using Adobe Firefly

This tutorial video shows how to recolor vectors online using Adobe Firefly Beta by uploading SVG file format and input the text and prompts to description our color expectation. This Adobe artificial intelligence tool allows designer and artist to generate the options of color variants for their artwork and graphic design. This is good AI tool to generate many color options of vector graphic artwork within a minutes. The the recolored vector file format can be downladed as SVG file format. Now, Adobe Firefly is in Beta version, we can request access to try this recoloring features only. Hope this helps.

How to Recolor Vectors Online using Adobe Firefly

Watch here,

0:00 Intro – Recolor Vector using Adobe Firefly Beta
1:28 Import SVG file and input prompts to recolor vector
3:13 Firefly recolor vectors download to SVG

Hope this helps. More Adobe Tips And Tutorial Here.
Have fun with CG, to make it simple.

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