How to apply multiple materials on one object in Blender

Quick Blender tips to show how to apply multiple materials onto one object, or one mesh, or one face. In this video, it will show adding two textures on one label, the same technique can be applied to make multiple textures on one object . This material texture setup is good for creating 3D packaging design mockup. In this example, we will make the wine bottle label with adding 2 textures, that are paper texture and metallic foil texture. Hope this helps.

Blender Multiple materials on one object

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0:00 Intro – Blender 2 materials 1 object
0:07 Start with last video – add label onto bottle
0:57 Add 1st material – Paper Texture
1:34 Make image texture for masking
2:48 Add 2nd material – metallic foil
3:59 Add emboss effects
4:39 Done for two materials on one object

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Special thanks to Label Graphic Creator macrovector on Freepik, access the link to visit the graphic creation.

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