Blender Benchmark for Apple M2

This is review for Apple Mac user who are using M2 processor with Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, Mac Studio or Mac Mini. When we are using 3D software like as Blender, the computer hardware, CPU and GPU, is important factor to show the performance for graphics calculation. Blender Benchmark is showing the performance about the different CPU and CPU. Below is show how good the performance for using Blender 3D software with Apple M2 chips is. This is only focus on the performance on CPU and GPU. If you like to compare with the CPU and GPU, we can find some data on official website – Blender Benchmark.

Apple M2 Blender Benchmark

CPU performance in Blender Benchmark

To compare CPU performance for using Blender, we find the Apple M2 Max gives score 260.8, and Apple M2 gives 112.97. While the most popular CPU in Blender Benchmark, AMD Ryzen 9 gives score 333.66 – 621.68 ; 13th Gen Intel Core i9 gives score 548.83.

Blender Benchmark Apple M2 CPU
Blender Benchmark for popular CPUs

GPU performance in Blender Benchmark

Below is a screenshot capped on 3 March 2023, Apple M2 Max gives a score 1449.45 ; Apple M2 gives score 334.75. Just a quick compare the other popular GPU, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 can fives score 6000.31 ; as NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 can fives score 12147.67. It seems that NVIDIA GeForce GPUs are much better than Apple M2 chip, if we use Blender Benchmark to check the GPU performance.

Blender Benchmark Apple M2 GPU
Blender Benchmark for popular GPUs

Final Thought

This is quick comparison for using Apple M2 chips with Blender. Apple M2 meets basic requirements to create 3D in Blender, we can use this chip to make basic 3D scene. If you are going to build a complex 3D scene in Blender, Apple M2 may not be your best choice. AMD Ryzen 9 or Inter Core i9 should be better choice for CPU, and NVIDIA GeForce RTX should be a better choice for GPU.

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