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Too much time spent on 3D modeling? As a 3D artist to save the modeling time, a quick tip is to download or purchase 3D models and put them to our 3D scene for getting the project done. Today I bring to your attention my review of one of the best 3D model websites,, that is providing high quality 3D models, and also offers custom 3D model and design service. We can use the 3D models for animation, visualization rendering, gaming, 3D printing, AR VR environment, and other simulation uses.  And, we can also use these models in wide range of 3D software like as Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D, Blender, etc. and wide range of interchange 3D file formats like as obj, fbx, dae, usd, stl are available for downloading.

I believe that you have heard about Hum3D model before, we know that there are lots of high quality car models. Not only the 3D car model, they also provide lots of animals, architecture building, furniture, 3D characters …… and so on. It gives high quality and precision 3D models available for downloading. Have a look at their 3D model website thought this link – Hum3D. And, kindly continuous to read this Hum3D reviews how their 3D service helps your project.

Hum3D Website Review

Hum3D has started to provide 3D model online collection for downloading since 2005. They have created the largest collection of 3D cars in the world with more than 9000 vehicles and 700+ brands. And also have a large collection of 3D models in other categories such as architecture, furniture, electronics etc. Below are some examples for their professional 3D models.

Hum3D Cars Model 

Here is an example Truck 3D model for downloading, Ford F-series Truck 3D model. The 3D model has lots of detailing, which the 3D model is almost looking like a real truck that the components are built individually. We can be quick to pick the part and change the material as we want. In addition, truck 3D model has various kind of file format, like as .max, .c4d, .blend, .fbx, .obj, .usdc, and more, which file format are compatible with 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, etc. Other than track, they have a large 3D library about the vehicles. I can’t find another 3D model website that can provide this large collection of transportation.

Hum3D Car Models – Ford F-150

Reference :

Hum3D Animals Model

3D animals from Hum3D are realistic, which the 3D model size is in corrected proportion to the real world. The detailing like as teeth, eyes, ears, claws already built into the model. And, the model is already added the UV textured material with fur. If you are looking for saving time to skip 3D modeling and texturing, these animal 3D models may give you a big helps. As we known, rigging is another time consuming process for 3D animation. If you would like to save time for adding 3D rigging into the model, there is an option to download the rigged 3D model with additional price. I think that this service would be a great help.

Hum3D animal model – Dog

Reference :

Hum3D Architecture Model

Other than car and animals 3D model, Hum3D has lots of architecture building 3D model that allow you to make a large scale city scene. The buildings are including the iconic Landmark around the world, the sports arena, the restaurants, and street elements. Therefore, these are large amount of 3D objects that allow us to build a city in quick. Here is an example of Burj Al Arab hotel building. The polygon geometry are clean. Again, the model is created with the actual physical dimension, therefore, we can save much time to check the blueprint and build the in-proportional 3D building.

Hum3D architecture building model – Burj Al Arab

Reference :

Custom 3D Model and 3D Design service from Hum3D

Moreover, Hum3D gives the flexibility about their 3D modelling service. Not only the high quality and precision 3D model, we can add-on to request the custom 3D service, like as setting a scene for architecture building with your own 3D software and your own renderer, or further customizing 3D model based on their existing 3D model.

Bottom Line

This is small part of 3D model examples from Hum3D, kindly visit the 3D object online collection in their website, to see if any 3D model that can be applied into your project. In addition, some 3D models from Hum3D are available to free download here. Have a look!

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