Wine Glass 3D Model Download

This Wine Glass 3D model can be downloaded and used for Household Tableware for Room setting or Interior Design, that is made in Actual Standard Mug Size by using Blender 3.3. This 3D model is in standard size, which is the ISO Wine Tasting Glass has an overall height of 6.1” (15.5 cm) and diameter of 2.56” (6.5 cm). And only the .blender file contains the render scene with studio lighting for transparent glass material, which the render is using Cycles Renderer. This is made by Blender file and export to other file format, .blend file, fbx, obj, stl, usdc are available to download at this link, Wine Glass 3D model.

Below are more images about this 3D Wine Glass.

Wine Glass 3D Model Wireframe
Wine Glass 3D Model Wireframe without Subdivision
Wine Glass 3D Model Wireframe with Subdivision
Wine Glass 3D Wireframe – Bottom View

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