Best Blender Grease Pencil Tutorial on YouTube

Grease Pencil is a useful tool for 2D and 3D creation in Blender. We can use it to make 2D styled animation with 3D scene. Below is the collection of the best Blender Grease pencil Tutorial on YouTube for free. Please have a look this list if you are interested to use this cool feature, Grease pencil, is a cool feature to create Digital Art in both 3D and 2D shape with stylized effects. Kindly support the YouTuber and Subscribe the channel if you think that they are helpful. Hope this list helps. . More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Best Blender Grease Pencil Tutorial on YouTube

1. Blender 2D/3D for beginners, drawing and animating with greasepencil (blender 2.8)

An hour Blender Grease Pencil from Dédouze, he gives a very detailed workflow how we can make 2D and 3D object drawing and animation by using Grease Pencil, although this tutorial is using Blender version 2.8, it also works for the latest version Blender 3.4.

2. How to Create 2D Animations – Beginner Blender Tutorial

CG Geek is a well known 3D artist, and share lots of Blender tutorial. In this tuotrial, he shared how to make 2D frame animation with Grease Pencil for beignners, and share how to animate a stylied Character with rigging. It is really helpful.

3. Draw character concepts from any angle & any lighting. Gamechanger tools!

Macro Bucci share his experience how to make 3D character design with using sculpting and Grease Pencil Tools in Blender. This skill can be applied for creation diginal art and realise the concept design. 

4. Blender 3.0 Grease Pencil Tutorial – Bakery Shop

This is my first video to watch and understand Grease Pencil Tool last year.  It is amazing Blender tutorial with Grease Pencil from Kevandram. Other than using Character, Kevandram shows good example how to make 3D architecture buidling in drawing style with Grease Pencil tool in Blender.

5. Learn Grease Pencil 2D Animation in Blender 2.8 Alpha 2

This is useful Grease Pencil Tutorial to make 2D Animation in Blender. This is official YouTube account from Blender Develpers, to introduce and teach how we can use Grease Pencil for 2D animation step by step very clearly.

6. Grease pencil beginner tutorial | TOTORO | Blender 3.2

Lovely Japanese Charater walking animation creating by using Blender Grease Pencil. This is very interesting. Althogut it has not the vocal explanation, but it has subtitle to explain the step clearlt, it is worth to spend time to watch this tutorial video.

7. Crash Course: 2D Grease Pencil Animation in Blender [1/2]

This is very good tutorial to make animation with Character and the whotle scene by using Grease Pencil. This is the first port of whole tuotrial from TipTut, don’t miss the second part too.

Hope this list helps. . More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Have fun with CGI, to make it simple.
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