Blender Monthly #5 – Best Blender Video on YouTube, Jan 2023

Continuous from 2022, the hot topic this year is A.I. , artificial intelligence. Last year, lost of applications can make the digital art with A.I. technology. And a chatbot, , we can have the free trial to chat with A.I . A.I is developing to a part of digital Art creation. How we can use A.I for helping us, it is a big topic for every Digital Artist. In this month, other than Blender tutorial, or animation created by Blender, there a lot of Blender video talking about how we can use Blender with A.I applications together. Here is the list of YouTube Video published on Jan 2023, most video are tutorial video teaching the skill how to use Blender and some animation created by Blender. Please scroll to below for going though the list. Want to receive the newsletter next month, Register and Subscribe here. Keep connected!

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Blender Monthly #5 – Best Blender YouTube Video published on January 2022

1. The BEST Way To Learn Blender in 2023!!

Ducky 3D introduce the best ways to learn Blender in 2023. There is a missive community with hours of free content and I will show you where to find it. This is including the well-known Youtubers tutorial, online resource for making 3D with Blender. Have a look this valuable information.

2. A.I In Blender is Awesome!

Video from channel Gamefromscratch, introduce powerful free and open source add-on that brings Stable Diffusion to Blender, this is a way to add the powerful new feature of texturing 3D objects

3. This NEW A I Animation Software Is INSANE

Agree with Smeaf, Instead of fighting against A.I , lets adapt and start utilizing it with a new workflows. This is good suggestion to make animation with A.I . Amazing idea for rigging and character posing.

4. How to Get GOOD at Blender 3D in 2023!

Simular to the 1st video in this list, this is a summary the ways to learn Blender or upgrade your Blender skill. SouthernShotty has helpful resource list for Blender user to advance the 3D CG works.

5. Turn ANYONE into a Stylized 3D Character w/ Blender !

Max Novak has a nice Blender tutorial to turn anyone into stylized 3D character. In this tutorial, he shows the useful tips how to make Stylized 3D Cristiano Ronaldo. Interesting!

6. Why Blender is not industry standard?

This is not BAD NEWS for Blender artists. This video explain why Blender should be considered for professional industrial standard for 3D CG industry. If you’re interested in learning more capabilities of Blender and wan to know why it should be an industry standard, be sure to watch this video!

7. Rare footage of the Night Lights | 3D Blender Animation

A short animation created by Fulonimation Studios, and all 3D models are made by Blender. Spend 50 seconds to have a look this amazing 3D animation.

8. The BEST Addons for Blender 3D in 2023!

SouthernShotty shared a useful tips again. In this video, we can know lots of Addon to speed up our 3D workflow and process, this list includes free addon and paid addon. Don’t miss this. You may find one addon that is benefit for you.

9. How I made this Artwork using ChatGPT | Blender Tutorial

As mentioned before, A.I becomes a part of 3D CG creation soon. In this video, Kaiwan Shaban tell us how to make the 3D scene with ChatGPT.

10. Last of Us Diorama in Blender – 3D Modeling Process | Polygon Runway

Stunning 3D scene creation from Polygon Runway. This video shows the detailed 3D modeling skill to make a scene Last of Us. Must watch for every 3D modeling artist!

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Let’s play with Blender!
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