Blender Monthly #3 – Best Blender Video on YouTube, Nov 2022

Here is the list of YouTube Video published on November 2022, most video are animation created by Blender and tutorial video teaching the skill how to use Blender. Also the Blender Conference happened on Oct 2022, lots of recap video are shared in this month, don’t miss the latest updates of Blender. Those video are getting Blender users inspired and insights, and have valuable to take your time for watching them. Don’t miss them, go though the list below. Want to receive the newsletter next month, Register and Subscribe here. Keep connected!

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Blender Monthly #3 – Best Blender YouTube Video you can’t miss, November 2022

1. I Made Clash of Clans Realistic in 3 Days

Lenz Graphics shows the process of creating Animation in a game style, Clash of Clans.

2. Lego anything with this NEW Blender geometry nodes feature

Stunning video to show how to form 3D shape with Lego Brick by using New Geometry nodes in Blender.

3. We spent 100 hours learning Blender

Nerdforge couple Martina & Hansi share their amazing Blender 3D work after 100 hours, they are including Blender Guru’s Donut, Grant Abbitt’s Dungeon Door, RyanKingArt’s Shader, etc.

4. The Secrets of Photorealism

This recap video is from Blender Conference held in Amsterdam. Andrew Price, Blender Guru, explain how we can make the scene more realistic, which is useful tips.

5. Why the Blender Conference blew my mind!

Best summery of Blender Conference that happened in last month. Don’t miss it, if don’t have time to go through all the Conference before.

6. Blender Grease Pencil Reel

Official Video from Blender. It gathers the animation that create with Grease Pencil in this few years. If you are using Grease Pencil in Blender, of course you must watch this show reel to know when Blender can do.

7. The Perfect Halloween [Blender]

A funny CG animation created with Blender – that use Japanese anime Dragon Ball world settings for festival fun.

8. The softest fuzz you can’t touch, Geometry Nodes Blender

This is cool demonstration how to make Fuzz by using the new Geometry Nodes Instance Attributes.

9. Blender Tutorial – Creating an Exploding Missiles Simulation

Very nice tutorial to show how to create Exploding Missile by using particle system in Blender.

10. Procedural fantasy city creation using Geometry Nodes

Presentation in Blender Conference, Emilies were talking about how we can make large scale city by using Geometry Nodes.

11. How To Create Amazing Cityscapes In Blender

A tips from Max Hay, to make amazing cityscapes in Blender.

12. FREE Lifechanging VFX Plugin Comes to BLENDER! Stable Diffusion Ai Render

Max Novak introduce a new plugin to make 3D character to 3d cartoon pixar character with Ai render

Thank you for watching this list till the bottom. Hope this list for sharing is helpful. Want to receive the newsletter next month, we can register and subscribe here. Keep connected!

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