Is Mac M1 good for Blender?

To review with Apple Mac for Blender. Apple Mac uses have the choice to buy M1 or M2 for 3D software Blender now. Computer Hardware, CPU and GPU, is important factor to give the performance when we are doing 3D creation, especially doing the 3D simulation, render preview and final rendering. When we make decide which equipment to be used for Blender, we can find some data on official website – Blender Benchmark.

Mac M1 CPU for Blender

Let’s say for Apple Mac M1 CPU, as per below screenshot of Blender Benchmark. The best Apply M1 Ultra got the Median Score 430.01. This is not bad performance, if we compare with PC user using AMD Processor, for example, AMD Ryzen 9 7950X 16-Core Processor got Median Score 613.48 ; Intel Core i9-12900K got Score 389.13.

Blender Benchmark – Apple Mac M1 CPU

Mac M1 GPU for Blender

For Apple Mac M1 GPU, if using Blender Benchmark as per below screenshot, the best performance Apply M1 Ultra (GPU – 64 cores) got Score 1371.46. If comparing with PC users, the best GPU is NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 that got score 12127.13 ; NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 got score 5964.89.

Blender Benchmark – Apple Mac M1 GPU

Mac M2 CPU and GPU for Blender

In addition, the review the latest Mac with M2 Processor Chips, below are the score for both CPU and GPU.

Blender Benchmark – Apple Mac M2 CPU
Blender Benchmark – Apple Mac M2 GPU

Final Thought

Of course, this comparison is only focusing on performance, this is not fair when we make decision to buy, because money = performance! When we are choosing CPU and GPU, we need to balance the budget with performance. Hope this helps.

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