Blender Monthly #2 – Best YouTube Video you can’t miss

Here is the list of YouTube Video that the animation created by using Blender or teaching the skill how to use Blender, that video published on YouTube in October 2022. Those video are getting Blender users inspired and insights, and have valuable to take your time for watching them. Don’t miss them, go though the list below. Want to receive the newsletter next month, Register and Subscribe here. Keep connected!

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Blender Monthly #2 – Best Blender YouTube Video you can’t miss, October 2022

1. MrBeast $10,000 Lego Parkour! (Blender Animation)

Amazing 3D animation done by using Blender!

2. Why Blender 3D is a BIG DEAL

Great introduction to Blender, that is including the application, featuring, and lots of 3D CG showcase here.

3. 4D objects in Blender!

Stunning 4D objects Julia that created by using nodes in Blender3.3

4. Amazing Projects Made in Blender 3

Another 3D CG showcase that create VFX (visual effects) by Blender. We can see that possibilities of Blender here.

5. How to make a Hologram in Blender in 15 minutes

Nice tutorial from Blender Guru again, to make Hologram this time.

6. How Pixar Animates EVERYTHING

Nice pointing out the key factor to make the CG Animation nice. Use Graph editor!

7. How FAST is the RTX 4090 for 3D Animation + Rendering??

Useful information about the Rendering Hardware. Vert detail review on Display Card “RTX 4090” when running with Blender.

8. A.I Render – New Blender A.I Render Tool For All

A.I is everywhere. Nice Blender A.I render tool for helping us to improve the efficiency of 3D rendering.

9. Text to Object Transition Effect – Blender VFX Turorial

Stunning VFX workflow in Blender, to make the transition effect by using geometry nodes.

10. Blender Music Video – Project WUBBOX (4K)

Time to take a break from work. Impressive Music Video done by Blender. Enjoy it!

11. blender realtime explosions

Another awesome VFX video created by Blender. This is Cool Tutorial and Helpful!

12. Blender 3.4 hardsurface modeling -Scifi Helmet – Metaballs + sculpting

Nice 3D modeling tutorial by using metaballs, and new mirror effect of geometry nodes in Blender 3.4

13. 33,600 Balls Fall Into The Classroom | Blender rigidbody simulation

Unbelievable 3D animation created by Blender, to watch what the happening is when huge amount of objects are undergoing the rigid body simulation. Extremely hardware testing!

14. Level up your Blender Materials

Helpful tutorial to level up your Blender Texturing. It is valuable for every Blender artist.

Thank you for watching this list till the bottom. Hope this list for sharing is helpful. Want to receive the newsletter next month, we can register and subscribe here. Keep connected!

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