Best Computer for Blender – CPU and Graphic Cards

Blender is a free and open-source 3D software. When Blender Artist are creating amazing 3D creation with Blender 3D software, we always ask what hardware requirements should get best performance for running Blender. In general, CPU and Graphics Card is the most concerned hardware for doing 3D animation and rendering, their performance is related to CPU rendering or GPU rendering. There are an official Blender benchmark data for computer, which are telling us what the best CPU and graphics card for running the Blender software. Below screenshot is from official site on 4 Oct, 2022, and this data will be updated time by time.

Best Computer for Blender – CPU and Graphic, Oct 2022

Moreover, we can download Blender Benchmark at Blue Arrow pointed, to check how the performance of our existing computer is. Please visit the official website at the link to get the updated Benchmark.

If you would like to know the basic requirements for Blender, please visit the official website here – Blender requirements.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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