Best ways to Learn Blender for beginners

Blender is a free and open source computer graphics software for make 3D model, 3D render, 3D printed model, 3D Art, motion graphics, animation, simulation, VFX visual effects, and etc. We can download the latest software freely in Blender Foundation Website. If you are interested to learn Blender for your creative purpose, there are many ways that you can find like as the Free Tutorials on YouTube, paid tutorials, or user Manual from Blender. Below shows some examples of material for learning, the best way to learn Blender for both Beginners and Experts. Hope this helps.

Best ways to Learn Blender for beginners

1. Blender Official User Manual

This is the Official User Manual from Blender Foundation. The Manual are covering all the features and function of latest version of Blender. Please visit the official manual here. We can download the offline version user manual at this link too.

2. Official Blender YouTube Channel

In this Official Blender YouTube Channel, we can find the latest updates from Blender Foundation. We can also overview the latest features of Blender software, and the projects that created by using Blender.

3. Blender Studio

Blender Studio is a part of Blender Headquarter, which provides official resources including Blender training, Assets or Film. We need to pay for subscribe. Please visit Blender Studio here, and have a look.

4. KOL YouTube Channel

YouTube is a good place to learn Blender in video format. There are many experienced Blender experts sharing the knowledge of using Blender through YouTube Channel. And the topics covering from them are wide-range, and they have well-explain the uses of Blender step by step clearly. Please visit here – Best Blender Tutorial on YouTube , if you want to find some video to learn Blender.

5. Blender Community

There are many online Communities, like as chat groups inside social media Facebook, Reddit, Discord, and the website like as BlenderNation, Blender Artists, etc. These Blender communities keep updates the latest news of Blender. And if you face problem on using Blender, you can post your question and you can get the feedback from other users quickly. We can find some of communities here.

6. Online Course

There are many kind of paid tutorials that published in online course. Those online Course are suitable for both beginners and experts. Udemy is an online course website, you can find high quality Blender tutorial here.

Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.
Enjoy Blender!

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