Blender Monthly #1 – Best YouTube Video you can’t miss

Here is to summarize the YouTube Video that the animation created by using Blender or teaching the skill how to use Blender, that video published on YouTube in September 2022. Those video are getting Blender users inspired and insights, and have valuable to take your time for watching them. Don’t miss them, go though the list below – Blender YouTube Video. Want to receive the newsletter next month, Register and Subscribe here. Keep connected!

Blender Monthly #1 – Best Blender YouTube Video you can’t miss, September2022

1. Making a Withered Chica model! (Speed Modeling) [BLENDER/FNAF]

The timelapse 3D modeling video to make Withered Chica using Blender.

2. Brand New Blender Addons You Probably Missed #13

A new updated information to show latest Add-on for Blender.


New video to show what Blender can do on 3D animation, and demonstrate how virtual 3D scene combined with Real Environment Video.

4. Dream Textures – New Blender A.I Tool For All!

An other video from askNK, that showing how to use the new A.I. addon to make the seamless texture in Blender.

5. Blender 3.3 is Crazy Awesome!

A new version of Blender 3.3 is released in this month, September 2022. All the new function and feature are well introduced from Black Mixture. Have a look!

6. How to make Anime girl in Blender 3.0 – 【Timelapse】

A timelapse modeling and texturing video to make anime style girl using Blender.

7. How to Make an Interior in Blender (in 9 mins)

Quick video, 9 minutes to show how to make stunning interior design with Blender Guru. Well explaned the 3D interior object scene, material, texture, lighting, and post-processing.

8. Balls on escalator 2.0 | Blender Rigid body simulation

A short animation to show Rigid body simulation, you can know what can Blender do here.

9. 【頭文字D再現】Initial D AE86 vs EG6 in Blender 【Initial D × Blender】

A well known Japanese anime video of racing car. This video is created by Blender, and using Anime style to render the animation. Please watch on YouTube at this link.

10. 【Blender 3.2】リコリス・リコイル 錦木千束 3Dモデリング【Timelapse】

Another anime girl video showing how to make 3D modeling and texturing in timelaspe.

11. If You Want To Make Money With Blender (Start Doing THIS)

A career tips for Blender artist, to make Sound Design for animation is a way to make money with Blender.

12. Blender is ALIVE!

Stunning video to show the use of sculpt brush in blender and showing shatter add-on to create an alien egg bursting with goo.

13. Transforming a Phone into a Robot in Blender

Great tutorial to show how to make transformation for animation by Blender.

14. Models aren’t that complicated with this approach! (Blender Tutorial)

Nice 3D modeling tutorial that that how to make hard surface modelling for complicated product.

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