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Blender is a free and open source software to make 3D computer graphic and animation. Here is a gathering the free Blender Animation Tutorial on YouTube Channel. The Animation Tutorial are mainly targeting for beginners, therefore, if you are interested into make 3D animation, you can watch the video, and quickly to learn how to make 3D animation with Blender. Moreover, kindly please thanks and support the YouTubers that they share their 3D knowledge freely, this is really benefit to anybody who want do or work with 3D CG industry. Let’s start to go though this list of Blender Animation Tutorial for Beginners. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

Blender Animation Tutorial for Beginners

1. Basic Animation in Blender

Ryan King Art’s video is clearly to show how to add keyframe of an object (he uses the cube for demonstration), and how to edit the keyframe with timeline using Graphic Edition. This is basic and essential skill to make animation in Blender, and absolutly for beginners. At this end of video, you are learn how to animate an object, animate camera, and render out an animation.

2. Keyframe Animation of Character

If you would like to make Character Animation, you must understand the system how to make the character move with motion. Youtube owner, SouthernShotty, share this animation tutorial to show very clearly, how we need to make rigging of character, and how we need to set keyframe of motion. Finally, we get cute character animation with jumping and walking in cylce.

3. 2D Graphic Animation on 3D Character

Again, this is stunning Blender tutorial from SouthernShotty. In this video, it will show how to make 2D facial movement in 3D animation. This is interesting effect to combined 2D graphic and 3D model together. Let’s move to watch how it works.

4. Speeding Race Car Animation

This is quick video that you can learn how to animate a car with the wheels to make the speeding visual effects. Leo, YouTube channel MediaWay owner, show the video from start to finish just within 15 minutes, to demonstrate how to setup the scene, lighting, camera for animation uses.

5. Animate a 3D object with cursor movement

This maybe not for beginners, but it is good for beginners to go any level of their to make animation. The trick of adding keyframe with cursor movement is helpful and quick process to set the motion of 3D object. This is valuable tutorial from Polyfjord. And there are many other amazing animation tuotrial in his channel, please visit and have a look.

Hope this list of Blender Animation Tutorial would give a helps. Don’t’ hesitate to share your feedback or your amazing tutorial in below comment. Let’s play with Blender.

Have fun with CG!

Hope this helps. Let’s play with Blender.
More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.

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