Best Blender tutorials on YouTube 2023

Gather some of the Best Blender tutorials on YouTube 2023. Blender is an free and open source 3D software which allow to do 3D modeling, 3D rendering, animation, simulation, VFX and no limits. There are many free tutorial available on YouTube Channel, these Blender tutorials are good for both beginners and experts. Here is the list that well-known YouTubers are sharing their Blender tutorial with experience knowledge and amazing 3D skills, and their most popular video from their channel. Don’t hesitate to give a support to subscribe their channel. Hope this list helps. Welcome to share this list with your friends.

Latest Updated – 2 Jan 2023

Best Blender tutorials on YouTube 2023

1. askNK

This quick video is showing how to make 3D face from 2D image in Blender. askNK has many other Human / Character 3D tutorials using Blender on his channel. Check this channel to find them more.

2. Default Cube

Similar to previous tutorial, it is showing how to make 3D face model in Blender from 2D photo image. Have a look so. Default Cube have lots of video about VFX, visual effect, done with Blender.

3. Inspiration Tuts

Other than Character 3D Tutorials, Inspiration Tuts have lots of large scale Blender proejct, like as landscape, city, architecture. Check this out!

4. I’M walKING

Previously named “CGMatter” – here has not only showing how to using Blender, but also showing many behind the scenes of visual effect video.

5. Ducky 3D

Stunning tutorials of Blender from Ducky 3D, many high quality video about geometry node, procedural material shader, and visual effect like as Sci-Fi are available here.

6. Ryan King Art

Ryan King Art has many 3D modelling and texturing tutorials in his channel. Whatever you are beginners or experts, you can find some video that are suitable for you.

7. Bad Normals

Bad Normals has impressive video to showing how to using Blender for large scale prject, like as Cinematic Visual. Also, his geometric node tutorials are also helpful.

8. Smeaf

Smeaf is doing Art. He share the tutorials covering the essential tools in Blender. Have a look.

9. Blender Secrets

If you are looking for doing High detailing 3D object in Blender, don’t miss Blender Secrets. His video showing how to make high quality level of 3D objects.

10. The CG Essentials

Justin has lots of Blender tutorials, tips and tricks on his YouTube channel, which are very helpful for both Blender Beginners and Experts.

11. Curtis Holt

Some has lots of Blender tutorials for both Blender Beginners and Experts, don’t’ miss them if you’d like advanced your Blender skills.

12. Blender Guru

Well-known Donuts tutorial created by Andrew, Blender Guru YouTuber. This is really good for beginners to start and learn Blender in the first day. I believe that his video is the most viewed Blender tutorial, and most beginners follow his step in tutorial to make first Blender project – Donut.

13. TopChannel1on1

If you are looking for large scale project like as city street, architecture building, you can find helpful tutorial in TopChannel1on1 channel.

14. Ponte Ryuurui

Lot of Hard surface modeling here. Ponte Ryuurui showing tutorials and tips for making high level detailing 3D hard surface model.

15. Kaizen Tutorials

Great introduction to Blender in this video. And, lot of animations and motion graphics tutorial in this channel, have a look at Kaizen Tutorials, you may need them.

15. Polyfjord

Stunning Blender Tutorial from Asbjørn, Polyfjord YouTube Channel owner. Don’t miss out his ways how to make amazing animation in Blender, including rigging and simulation.

16. Joey Carlino

Interesting style work done in Blender. If you want to using Blender to make funny things. Check Joey’s channel.


NENGHUO has lot of Blender work about the organic stuff, like as human, skin, face mask, makeup, flowers, and so on. Check this out if you need them.

18. Polygon Runway

If you’d learn how to make 3D illustrations and use 3D in design, Polygon Runway shared lot of Blender Tutorial here.

19. Noggi

Noggi has lot of 3D character modeling and texturing tutorial in his channel, have a look if you want to upgrade your 3D character skills, including this sculpting skill.

20. CG Geek

Lots of high quality 3D animation tutorial from CG Geek, there are suitable for both Blender beginners and experts. Don’t miss it!

21. CG Cookie

Lots of training tips, tutorials, course trailers, and live streams for Blender beginner and experts. All around tutorial for Blender 3D application. Have a look here.

Maybe there are other good Blender tutorial channels missing, kindly leave them at below comment for the amazing channel you think. Hope this helps. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Tricks are available here.

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