How to make a glass of water in Blender | Realism Cycles

This is a quick video to show how to make a glass of water in Blender. This video is manly focusing on the 3D modeling that how to make 3D model of water or liquid inside the transparent glass. Different size of water 3D model inside glass 3D model, they will give out different kind of looking of water and glass. This modeling concept can also be applied into other 3D software. This setting is based on Cycles renderer in Blender which can produce the realistic glass and water, and finally in video, its show to make Shadow Caustics of Water and Glass. Hope this help. More Blender Tutorial, Tips and Trick are available here.

How to make a glass of water in Blender | Realistic Cycles Renderer

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0:00 How to make a glass of water in blender
0:07 Start with last scene of water simulation
0:25 3D Modeling of Liquid inside Glass
2:22 Realistic Cycles Render Preview with Glass Material and Water Material
2:42 Different size of Liquid 3D Model
3:42 Shadow Caustics of Water and Glass

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Water simulation with glass and shadow caustics

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