Blender 3D Printing Tutorial – from modeling to 3D printer

There are various purpose for building 3D model with Blender. Other than making computer graphic animation, we can make 3D Print Model by using Blender. The advantage of using Blender is ” Blender is free! ” There are many video and tutorial on YouTube, that help you understand how to build a 3D model from beginner level to advanced level. Here is the gathering of Blender 3D Printing Tutorial to free to watch on YouTube, showing how to use Blender for 3D printing. YouTuber shared their valuable workflow video, we can learn from their free course. Please give them a support!

Blender 3D Printing Tutorial – Free on YouTube

1. MrTriPie

MrTriPie gives an 3D print example by using Blender Suzanne, therefore, we don’t spent the time on making 3D model if we want to try a 3D print directly. Let’s see how to print out a physical Suzanne.

2. Maker Tales

Jonathan, the owner of Maker Tales channel, is a experienced creator on 3D Printing. Not only Blender 3D Printing Tutorials, Jonathan but also has tutorial about laser cutting, woodworking by using other CAD software. Below is a helpful Blender 3D Printing Tutorials. Not only this video, we can find more 3D Printing Tutorial from his channel.

3. Olav3D Tutorials

If you looking for a character for 3D Printing. This is a good tutorial in Olav3D Tutorials to understand to prepare a 3D character model for 3D Print Purpose. In this video, we can see how to use Blender and make the 3D Print model ready for output to 3D Printer.

Hope this helps. Let’s play with Blender.
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